Linkload 11-28-10

Posted: November 30, 2010 in Linkloads

Grayson may be voted out now, but Ron Paul joins ranks with Barney Frank to keep the bipartisan fires burning.  Say what you want to about Ron Paul, but he reaches across the aisle more than most Republicans.

The American Fear Industry has always been doubleplusgood.


Global warming deniers better watch out.  Science might not be giving up it’s lunch money much longer.

First they came for the BitTorrent sites and I said nothing, for I was only a mere blogger. 

The US wrongly arrests and “interrogates” an innocent German citizen.  And then threatens Germany to mind it’s place and stay out of it.  There’s no room for Integrity in a war of Truthiness.


Holy shit!  I think I just found the asscrack of the internet.  Seriously, this has got to be the most racist thing in existence.  Lots of Neocons and Rush Limbaugh fans there though.  Hmmmmm.

Latest Wikileaks release shows the US government has been trying to collect DNA, iris scans, and fingerprints from various world leaders.  Don’t worry citizen.  They’ve already had yours for years.

More TSA crap.  Woman is treated like a suicide bomber over breast milk.

It appears that National Opt-out Day may have worked after all.  Just not like it was expected to.

Somehow, we didn’t get bombed back to the stone age by terrorists.  Even though the TSA opted to rope off many of it’s scanners and used non-groping methods of pat downs.  Imagine that!


News Corp. hires North Korean web developers.  So a Taliban endorsing Saudi prince as a #2 investor just wasn’t enough for them.  Meanwhile “Real ‘Murika” believes and believes and believes.

Kenya’s prime minister wants the world to know that he really doesn’t understand jack shit about homosexuality.  Oh, and he want to hunt down and prosecute homosexuals.  This is bound to cause some cognitive dissonance with the Birther crowd.

I really liked this video.

  1. osolynden says:

    The Libertarians may want to bring the troops home but everything else they stand for sucks. 😉 And I am holding back here….

    Loved the global warming piece and the movie too.

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