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Linkload 10-30-10

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GOP obstruction of the vote is well underway.

Anti-muslim organization caught cheating on taxes and funneling money from it’s non-profit organization.

It’s sad when Al-Jazeera is the only new agency left that gives two shits about coastal Americans.

The free market, running “Death Panels” for profits?  It’s happening right now.

First it was swine flu, then it was bird flu, then it was swine flu again.  Now there’s Monkey Flu.

Is there really any reason to fly anymore?  We’re a fucking police state nowdays.

Peak Oil just got a little further behind us.

New study identifies “Liberal Gene”.  Also explains why liberals aren’t afraid of the outside world.

Intersting flowchart of GOP interconnected influence.

Who’s really behind The Tea Party?

First it was the curbstomper.  This time it’s the curbflopper.

This just in from the No Shit Sherlock Institute, “The Supreme Court Fucked Up”

This is so full of WIN.  This is how you call out Fox News.

Tea Partier that stomped on woman’s head now says she should apologize to him.  Welcome to the mind of a Neocon.

The GOP tries to convince black folks that Republicans really get them.


Fair And Balanced My Ass!

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Here’s a fun exercise.

Go to

Look on their front page.  Look under their politics tab.

Do you see any mention of the Tea Bagger curbstomper that assaulted that lady from

I don’t have cable, so I can’t see if it is being mentioned on their “news” channel.

Doesn’t it seem strange that a “Fair and Balanced” “news” organization wouldn’t mention this story?

Imagine if a “Black Panther” stomped on the head of a Tea Partier.

Do you think Fox News might plaster it’s entire site with links to the story?

It looks like a bunch of macho-man, patriot types just got done curb-stomping a woman in the name of Real ‘Murika.

Here’s the full story.


Here’s a blog that’s trying to ID the guy that pushed her down.

Welcome to Tea Party Amerika folks!  What was once a counterculture Libertarian movement has now become the new fascist stormtrooper arm of the Republican Party.  There’s no use in denying it any longer.  Homegrown terrorism is mainstream and sailing under an apple pie and crucifix spangled banner.

This is the movement that’s been aggressively astroturfed by the Republican Party and conservative corporate interests.  This is what Sarah Palin proudly endorses as “Real America”.  This is the cult that worships Glenn Beck as if he were the second coming of Jim Jones.  This is the demographic that Fox News spoon-feeds propaganda to 24/7.

This is not the first time these “Real Americans” have unlawfully lashed out at their fellow citizens.   Attacks like this (and worse) have been going on for a while now.  These intollerant acts of hatred are not the “Isolated Incidents” that Neocons claim them to be.  This is a habit and a trend that is being actively encouraged by right wing icons and pundits.

Here’s An Abridged History Of “Isolated Incidents”

Would be mass murderer talks about his obsession with Fox News and Glenn Beck.

Abortion doctor murdered in church by Bill O’Reilly fan.

Man and his daughter were rammed from behind for having an Obama bumper sticker.

At the 2:55 mark of this video, you can hear Sarah Palin endorse stopping Obama supporters in traffic.

Of course who can forget her “Don’t retreat! Reload!” campaign, complete with gun sight graphics targeted on Democrats?

Threats over the Health Care bill.

More Health Care bill threats.

Pittsburg shooter goes on paranoid rampage over feared “Obama gun grab”.

Oh, and you remember the skinheads that were planning on killing 88 black folks and Obama.

And the Christian militia group that planned on killing cops with roadside IED’s

And who can forget Eric Roberts Rudolph?

Unidentified white powders mailed to Democrats.  This one came with swastikas.

This one didn’t.

Republican candidate calling for a “Drive-by” on Washington.

Spitting on Congressmen.

Mocking and screaming at someone with a terminal illness.

Making a congressman’s home address public and encouraging people to “stop by and tell him how you feel about the healthcare bill”.  To make matters worse, it was the wrong address and it directly endangered children.

Tea Party speaker calls for Sen. Pat Murphy to be hung.

Inviting people to crush Obama’s head.

Destroying effigies of prominent Democrats at conservative political conferences is always classy.

Tea Partiers prepare to intimidate liberal voters in upcoming election.

If that doesn’t work, they’re talking about violently overthrowing the government.

Speaking of declaring war against the “Liberal gubment!”

Let’s not forget Sharon Angle likes the idea of an armed revolt too.


I would post a picture of Muslims stoning a woman here for it’s loosely related shock value, but that would be tasteless, so I’ll just imply the comparison and keep moving right along.

These people claim to pray to a kind and loving God.  They claim to follow a religion of peace.  They claim to be true constitution-loving patriots.  They claim to hate terrorism.

Yet they worship masters that actively encourage hate, prejudice, paranoia, dissent, violence, and terrorism.  Of course they don’t come right out and tell people to go out killing folks and terrorizing the public.  But then Charles Manson didn’t have to give direct detailed orders either.  Once enough brainwashing is in place, an all-out war can be started with a simple nod and a wink.


Who’s Going To Win Nov. 2nd?

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The net is all abuzz with speculation about the upcoming elections.

The outrage over “Ground Zero Mosques”, “Murderous Mexicans”, and “Reverse Racist Libtards” has served it’s purpose and is no longer being actively sponsored by Neocon powerbrokers.  The seeds of hate and misinformation have fruited well.

Maybe a bit too well, as Tea Party candidates (the astroturfed darlings of the GOP) are projected to split some of the Republican vote.  The problem with creating (or hijacking) a monster is you have no guarantee that it won’t turn on you.

The Neocons seem to think they have this one in the bag.  Nov. 2nd is being joyously rubbed into progressive faces like some sort of dogshit laden mantra.  Their overzealous confidence is truly a wonder to behold.  Blind faith is a skill that has served them well, but is it enough?

I seem to remember a lot of blind faith and overconfidence coming from the GOP back in 2008 as well.  The McCain/Palin phenomenon was going to be the final death blow that would put “Libtards” into submission for all time.  There was no way in hell Barack Hussein Obama could win against the powerhouse of McCain/Palin.  Dogshit was smeared into liberal faces and a great time was had by all of God’s good children.  That is until the votes were counted.  I can still clearly remember the surprised and crushed look on Palin’s face when McCain conceded the election.  Ah…good times!

This year the dogma is exactly the same.  That doesn’t mean that the outcome will be the same.  It would be very easy for Progressives to become overconfident by falling into the same logical fallacies that we see exhibited by the Right.  Just because we really want something doesn’t mean that it will happen.  Divine right doesn’t punch a ballot card for you.

The polls have no idea of what is about to happen.  Many of them predict a power shift in Republican favor.  Many of them are being funded by conservative interests too.  Some of these polls were conducted largely on land line phone interviews which completely ignores younger, and more tech savvy, cell users.  So who are we to believe anyway?

The truth of the matter is we won’t know anything until the votes are finally counted.  I think the deciding factor, as it always is, will come down to voter turnout.  Will the smeared dogshit game make you feel hopeless enough to give up before you’ve even cast your vote?  It didn’t work in 2008.

Will Obama’s failure to champion our ideals be the game breaker that the Neocons are banking on?  Will our emotional reaction to this betrayal get the best of us, or will be be able to behave differently than the knee-jerk reactionists that mock us?  Is not voting really a viable solution when we all know exactly what the Neocons will do if they gain seats?

The question is does the left need a Messiah icon to draw them to the polls (as the right so joyously proclaimed in 2008) or are we the self-motivated free thinkers that we claim to be?

PS-  Fox News gave $1 million to Republican campaigns this year.  If they win seats this year, how much money do you think Fox News will give them in 2012?  This year will set a precedent regarding the effective use of newly unregulated corporate campaign funding.  Do we really want them to think they can buy elections that easily?  There’s more at stake here than congresscritters.


Check out Tex’s blog for some concrete reasons why everyone should vote this year:




Linkload 10-25-10

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Socialist Obama outlaws observance of Christian holiday.  Oh wait, it’s a Louisiana city council and it involves a holiday that most southern churches hate.  Nothing to see here.

Some of the most intelligent people on earth get ready to leave it.  When you can’t convince the populace to give a damn about the ecology, you might as well leave them behind and make your own somewhere else.

American born Al-queda convert urges Muslim immigrants in America to kill people.  My question is, if they don’t kill people, will anyone notice or give them credit for not being terrorists?

David Duke encourages Tea Partiers to be even more proud of their racist opinions.

Citizens of Earth!  Bow down before your new Oprah god!  Muaaahahahaha!

Myspace gets more and more like Facebook with each passing day.

Google admits to stealing citizens’ private emails and passwords.

Tea Party candidates are being used by Democrats to siphon votes away from Republicans!  But then weren’t they supposed to be “Independents”?

When the golden calf becomes too large and God refuses to break out the checkbook.

Rape apparently isn’t seen as a real crime in Texas.

I think I found out where all our nations bootstraps went.


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Juan Williams got fired by NPR for agreeing with Bill O’Reilly’s opinions on Muslims.

Fox News gave him a $2 million job, a three year contract, and as much positive exposure as possible for it.

Here’s what the wingnuts at the Free Republic think about it.

Now let’s look at the other side of the coin.

 Remember when Helen Thomas got fired for publicly stating her opinion?

Fox News used as much negative material as possible in their articles regarding the whole situation.

Here’s what the wingnuts at the Free Republic thought about the whole fiasco.

Can they get any more blatant with their hypocrisy?  The Right’s entire political strategy is hinged on this aggressive and childish double-standard.  It brings to mind the schoolyard bully that kicks everyone on the playground in the nuts and then cries to the teacher when someone kicks them back.

These bullies probably wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t enjoy the protective umbrella of Fox News.  Can Fox News get any less “fair and balanced”?  And I thought their million dollar contribution to the Republican party was proof positive of their boldfaced lie.

 Yet Fox News has the gall to call NRP a slanted liberal mouthpiece.

Anyone with any sense knows how Fox News operates.  Even Fox viewers know the real deal here.  That’s why they watch Fox News.  To have their sick and outdated opinions reinforced by some sort of authority figure.  You know how they are about being subservient to uptight authority figures.


Idiocracy is a documentary sent back in time from some time in the near future. 

The problem is perfectly intelligent people allow themselves to be made to feel guilty by these people every time they throw a tantrum.  Progressives allow these folks to hold them to an unattainable double-standard that the Neocons blatantly avoid themselves.

tissues_gop The game is rigged by crybaby bullies, and only a handful of politicians and pundits have the balls to call them on it.  Most of them who do get labelled as “Lefty loons” or “Mudlslinging agents of the liberal agenda”.  Thant’s when the Democrats come running out of the woodwork to apologize for the disrespect shown to these precious little Republican snowflakes.  You’d think they actually expect these folks to vote for them if they kiss their asses enough.

Obama recently called off his trip to The Golden Temple in New Delhi for fear of offending Tea Baggers by appearing to be Muslim.  It’s not even a Muslim temple!  Yet our president treads on eggshells in order to appease their insane view on the world.  Why?  So they can call him names like Fartbozo and try to impeach him, of course!

At this time, a consensus between ideologies is not possible.  It’s not from lack of trying on part of the Progressives and Liberals.  Obama (a proven right-leaning centrist) has been giving everything he can to these folks on a silver platter with sugar on top and they’re still not happy.  The consensus is not possible because they don’t want one.

That is why I’ve completely given up on “debating” with Neocons and “Independents”.

This is why I could care less about what Republicans want to bring to the table.

Everything’s all “Debate” and “Consensus” until they sense a loss of dominant control.  Then it turns into sedition, secession, threats, and name calling.

Speaking of hypocrites and secession:

In 2009, Texas governor wanted Texas to secede from the United States.

This year, he decided Texans weren’t too good for a Federal handout after all.

Well, Rick.  Which is it?  Are you a bootstrappy Real ‘Murican, or are you a rhinestone welfare queen looking for a federal handout to go with your backdoor embezzlement rodeo?  Make up your mind already because Chuck Norris needs to know if he’s gonna be president of Texas or not.

How in the hell do any of these folks expect anyone to take them seriously?  Maybe I should rephrase that for accuracy.  Why in the hell do these idiots demand that everyone take them seriously?

I think it’s the only game they know and they’re damned good at it.  They’ve been playing it since they were kids on the playground and they know all the tricks.  The question is can we teach ourselves to get over our guilt and not give a shit when they cry to the teacher?

If crocodile tears were worth their weight in gold, I might actually be inclined to believe that the GOP could offer something worth a damn to this country.  But they aren’t, and I don’t.

Linkload 10-22-10

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“Affirmative action strikes again!!!”
…is what Fox News would be saying if this was being done by any other network than Fox News.

Proof that Christine O’Donnell is a witch.

This guy isn’t a witch though.  He’s you!

This is what we’ve become, America. 
When the president has to cancel a visit to a world wonder because people want so badly to believe he’s a Muslim.  And when being a Muslim is seen as a viable reason to hate people.  To top it all off, the temple isn’t even Muslim.

School shoves religion down students’ throats. 
But it’s not Islam, Wicca, Buddhism, Hinduism, or any other “heathen religion” so it’s o.k.

GOP candidates unlicensed security guards who handcuffed reporter evidently have ties to extreme right wing militia.

Republicans seek to eradicate National Public Radio. 
With NPR out of the way, Fox News will be able to spread The Derp more freely.  They talk big about “NPR’s radical liberal bias” yet they pay no attention to the fact that NPR just forbid their employees from attending John Stewart and Steven Colbert’s upcoming rally.

NPR employees forbidden to attend Rally To Restore Sanity unless they are assigned to cover it.

Of course Fox News has the gall to point a finger at NPR.

Tea Party incites wave of racism and hatemail against voter registration organization. 
No, this isn’t a repeat of the ACORN fiasco.